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Ready to take your skills out of traditional school systems over to homeschooling?


This self-paced workshop is the first step in setting you up for success.

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1:1 Consulting

Want to bring in Leslee 1:1 to guide you through your homeschooling journey?

Your wish is our command!


Check out the many ways Leslee can provide solace during your

new adventure.

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Co-op In A Box™

Co-ops are a great way to utilize community resources and outsource teaching. Starting one can be pretty simple, too! Check out more information on starting a co-op below.



Leslee has been amazing for my son (and me) in so many ways. She has been someone he could talk to openly about his educations concerns, struggles, future, and so much more. She has been and is always there to lend a ear and when needed advice and assistance when needed, but always knowing it will be in confidence. Leslee has such a natural way of working and talking with teens, which is not always easy. She is amazing!

Discover the incredible experiences of our clients as they share their delightful collaborations with Mama D and the profound impact it has made on their journey.

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