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Student Coaching

We offer resources and 1:1 coaching to help students stay motivated and unlock their full potential. 


We're passionate about helping students hit their stride and find their strengths. Whether they're struggling with motivation, unsure of what career path to take, or just looking for guidance on general life skills, we've seen great success by coming alongside students, talking through their struggles, and using assessments, activities, and workshops to determine the best path for them.

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Educational Assistance

Whether you are looking for some 1:1 tutoring, personal coaching, the right online classes, specialty camps, or amazing experiences, we will put together an inspiring education plan to help you achieve your dreams!

This is for students who want some guidance, but do not want to commit to weekly accountability and encouragement.

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College and Career Coaching

Your gifts and passions underlie all that we do in determining the best path right now!

Through discussion, assessments, and other tools, we will help you discover what excites and intrigues you as you consider college, majors, or work opportunities. Together we can forge the best plan for you!

College Essay Coaching is also available.

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Weekly Accountability

Accountability is an important life skill and invaluable to students.

Leslee's Teen Leaders Program provides accountability, life skills coaching, encouragement, and empowerment to help teens achieve their dreams and goals!

Teens meet with Leslee 1:1 each week with a 9mo/34 wk commitment.

Spots are Limited!

Sign up below to schedule an interview with Leslee.

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Our Philosophy

Success is about using our gifts, engaging our passions, and empowering others to do the same.


Aspire Education was born out of Mama D's desire to empower others to discover and seek their dreams; to empower others to seek options when they feel 'trapped' by the education system. Aspire wants to help students rediscover the joy of learning!


We design programs unique to students' gifts and passions, equipping them to take ownership of their future. We provide opportunities for growth and leadership that will allow them to be more discerning and better at engaging others, while developing life skills such as good communication, self discipline, and tolerance.


Leslee ('Mama D') and her team strive to empower you to use your gifts serving others and building a life full of joy and purpose! 



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Dreams Discovered

What they're saying

Stories of success from a few amazing students

Karina senior pics

I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from Mama D. Over the course of several years, she has pushed me to grow personally and in leadership skills, often incorporating a mix of both. She is always available and more than willing to help in any way she can. I am so very thankful for all I have learned, and I am equally thankful for her guidance and advice as one of my biggest mentors. 


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Oh, the places they'll go...

Just a few examples of the amazing places our students have ended up: 



Interested in talking more about student coaching or having us come speak at an event?

Call us at 224-286-4696 or fill out the form below. We'll be in touch soon! 


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