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What is Co-op In A Box™?

A Blueprint for Building Your Unique Learning Community
Discover the secrets to successfully creating a homeschool co-op that's tailored to your family's needs. Leslee Dirnberger, a seasoned expert, will walk you through each step, allowing you to focus on creativity and relationship-building while she handles the foundational groundwork.

Effortless Planning

​Say goodbye to hours of tedious planning and administrative work. We provide you with a step-by-step guide, templates, forms, and checklists to simplify your co-op setup. 

A Step-by-Step Guide for Customizing Your Ideal Homeschool Co-op
Tailor your co-op's structure, classes, and ideology to fit your unique vision and the needs of your families. Co-op In A Box™ is designed to be flexible, ensuring that your co-op stands out. 

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Community Building

​Foster connections and collaboration among co-op families with our guidance on building a supportive and engaging community. Develop the kind of socialization that you want for your children.

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Leslee Dirnberger

Leslee's Message

I am so excited that you have found Co-op In A Box™! I dream of creating a Parallel Education System in America and Co-op In A Box™, and YOU, are an important part of that vision!

When my husband and I pulled our 4 children out of a Government school to homeschool 20 years ago, I was scared, full of self-doubt, and a bit lost. Discovering this form of Co-op was a huge blessing for me and my children. We formed life-long friendships, met incredible teachers, and began to understand what partnering with teachers really looks like. All of this happened without sacrificing the time we wanted for family learning and exploring the world.

My hope is that more and more families will realize the beauty of homeschooling now that they have a place to learn, grow, and build community. I have strived to provide you with everything you need to form a unique learning community so that you can be a part of the movement to strengthen families and communities and return to the foundation of education that America was built on - God, Character, and Learning.

Leslee Dirnberger, J.D.

What's inside Co-op In A Box?


Sustainable Format


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Co-op Outline

  • Co-op In A Box™ is designed to simplify the process of creating and running a homeschool co-op.

  • Leslee walks you through each step, explaining your options and sharing insights from decades of experience.

  • It offers templates, forms, and resources to handle the foundational administrative tasks, allowing co-op organizers to focus on building relationships and fostering a unique co-op community.

  • The aim is to provide the tools necessary to establish a sustainable community for families, making it a valuable resource for years to come.

Sustainable Format

  • The traditional homeschool co-op often relies on volunteer parents as teachers, leading to variations in teaching quality and commitment levels.

  • The volunteer-based model can result in burnout among homeschooling parents who also take on administrative responsibilities.

  • The Community Contractor Co-op (CCC) model, promoted in this course and Membership, involves hiring independent contractors as teachers, offering consistent, high-quality learning experiences and a more sustainable structure.

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Included Resources

  • Co-op In A Box™ provides comprehensive guidance, co-op forms, and template documents to help readers quickly establish and operate a CCC.

  • It emphasizes simplifying the process of creating a CCC while highlighting the value it brings to the whole community, facilitating connections between passionate educators and families.

  • By offering a structured approach to connect families and teachers, Co-op In A Box™ encourages building a lasting educational community based on expertise and shared passion.

Join Our Thriving Community!

Jeff Richards

"I cannot recommend Leslee and Co-op In A Box™ highly enough! As a tech executive and father of three homeschooled boys, I was looking for a social and academic outlet to complement our studies at home as we transitioned to homeschooling. I appreciate the structure, sense of community, and excellent teaching in Leslee’s Community Contractor Co-op model.


Our children are taught by instructors with expertise and passion for their fields and a love for connecting with kids, and it’s been amazing to witness their curiosity and imagination rekindled after years of traditional school. 


Two of our co-ops are among those that Leslee personally helped to organize and launch, and her vision of how community-based homeschooling can fix America’s institutionalized education system is infectious - and effective!"

Jeff Richards

Create the Learning Community You've Always Wanted With Co-op In A Box™!

In just hours from now, you could be well on your way to creating a thriving co-op community, all without the guesswork, trial and error, or overwhelm.

Why risk launching an unsuccessful co-op when you can follow Leslee's step-by-step guide and get it right the first time?

This plan is proven and easy to follow. Plus, you can have access to the complete Co-op In A Box™ course for $629 USD.

That's right, only $629.00

For an investment that's just a fraction of what you'd each spend on a night out, you and 4 friends can unlock the key to enhancing your community-driven co-op experience to be everything you've always wanted. It's a value that's well worth your money and future success, without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed.


Save time, money, and sleepless nights by gaining access to the tried-and-true formula for launching a successful co-op!


The choice is yours.


Get ready to transform your co-op experience with Co-op In A Box™ – your ultimate co-op companion.


Ready to get started?

Click the 'Get Started Now' button below to have Co-op In A Box™ by your side. Your journey to a thriving co-op community begins now.

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Co-op In A Box


Your Questions Answered...

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 30-day doing guarantee. If you don't receive massive value from this training, simply email us, and we'll refund your $629. We believe in delivering results or your money back.

How long will it take to get access?

You'll receive immediate access! Co-op In A Box™ will be available on the "My Programs" menu in the website account, and it's yours to keep.

Why $629?

We chose $629? because it makes the material accessible to everyone, filters out freebie-seekers, and is a low cost investment in your new community!


We're confident that once you experience the value of Co-op In A Box™, you'll want to stay connected with us.


No fine print, no hidden costs, and no catch. Just the information you need and the results you want.

Get INSTANT Access To
Co-op In A Box

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