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With Our Individual or Group Academic and Leadership Coaching Programs
Do you feel powerless to help your child?
Are you rethinking 'school'?
Do you want to develop deeper relationships with your children?
Our customized education plans and leadership coaching will free you from the fear and confusion you feel when searching for the best educational path for your child.
Imagine what life would be like if your child woke up eager to learn, happy, engaged in productive activities, and excited to spend time with you...
Are you watching your kids check out, teachers struggle to keep up, and  school systems fall behind?
Are you afraid your child will fall behind their peers, or that e-learning will not work out?
Does your teen need accountability, connection, and life skills?
The only thing that hasn't changed this year is wanting your child to succeed in school and life.
Don't let your child fall behind and fail to reach their dreams!
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What if you had an expert in homeschooling, leadership, and coaching
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Let us help you be the parent that leads their child to success!

Individual Excel Program

Our plan will give your child the tools and skills that will allow them to thrive

in the real world.

Every child is different. With our premium Excel Program, we create an education plan as unique as your child.

You will have concierge service as you implement your plan to help with any questions you have.

Academic Coaching for Teens

Your teen will develop their own education plan with Mama D directly, including development of unique classes.

Daily accountability, and weekly and monthly goal setting with Mama D. 

Math and English Tutors, Leadership and Life Skills Classes, and a growing community to support your teens no matter how they are schooling.

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What our clients are saying

"Mama D has instilled key skills in my life such as critical thinking, ethical decision making, logical reasoning, historical appreciation, and a respect for individuals with unique backgrounds worthy of understanding and care."   

- Zac Nelson

"I had the pleasure of observing the result of coaching for my oldest daughter with "Mama D" before she left for college. I watched my daughter transform into a more mature, determined, and focused leader; she learned how to better handle disappointments and resolve

conflict with others.


Mama D became a beloved mentor to my daughter and a dear friend to our family. This was, without a doubt, one of the most important investments we have made as parents to prepare our daughter for

life on her own."

- Kelli Morgan, M.D.

"With two full-time working parents...we had every reason to doubt our ability to do this. We were the least likely family to ever consider homeschooling, but we have loved it more than we could have ever imagined, and that's largely because of Leslee. 

She gave us the confidence to homeschool. She was our coach and teacher. We can't thank her enough for helping us make the most of the

year and beyond."

- Sharyn Procaccio, JD

“Seven years ago I began leadership courses with Mama D and since then she has continued to be my mentor.  My life would not be the same without her...she has honestly changed my life. 

She has taught me that good leadership starts with the people in front of me.  I got to learn the value of being myself, while I may not be the loudest member of a team my ideas still have a purpose.  If you have the opportunity to be taught by Mama D,

take it, you will not regret it.”

- Elizabeth Carroll

"As a homeschooled athlete, I am so thankful for all of Mama D's help throughout my high school years.

The care for her students is unmatched

and I am grateful to have been able

to work with her!"

_- Dominic Scaletta

"Leslee connects with people on a level that conveys worth and understanding.  

 In a world where disagreement seems to mean dislike, Leslee establishes relationships based on mutual respect and compassion, and students can’t help but be drawn into what she is presenting, regardless of how much they appreciate the topic. 


Information is plentiful in our age, but someone who inspires another to learn and rise to their best potential is rare.  Leslee Dirnberger is that person, and I can’t wait for my other sons to have the opportunity to be inspired by her!"

- Jennifer Simon

Setting students up for success

Just a few examples of the amazing places our students have ended up: