Every Child Deserves to be the Hero of Their Own Story


Imagine waking up to children who are excited to learn, want to engage in deep conversations with you, and thrive when confronted with a challenge!

At Aspire we help you achieve all that you can
imagine, and more!

As Leslee Dirnberger (Mama D to her students) was considering homeschooling her 4 kids, she felt inadequate, overwhelmed, and scared!
She didn't want to ruin their future!

But 'traditional school' was not working; there had
to be other options!

Leslee and her husband felt that the most important aspects of a ‘good education’ were to foster a lifelong love of learning, reinforce character traits that aligned with their Christian faith, and ensure that their kids knew how to think critically about the information they were receiving.
So, after Homeschooling her children all the way through high school, helping families for more than a decade, and observing the current state of the education system, Leslee decided that it was time to help other families fulfill their dream, so she founded Aspire Education Consultants.

Are you watching your kids check out, teachers struggle to keep up, and  school systems fall behind?

Does your teen need accountability, connection, and life skills?

The only thing that hasn't changed this year is wanting your child to succeed in school and life.

Don't let your child fall behind and fail to reach their dreams!
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Based on years of experience, Aspire has developed a comprehensive array of services and engagement programs designed with one goal in mind: To make sure that your family can thrive in any education model. 
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