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Welcome to Our Neurodiversity Hub for
Homeschooled Kids!

Unlocking Potential: Gifted, Twice Exceptional, & ASD Education

Welcome to our Neurodiversity Hub, where we celebrate the uniqueness of every child's mind. In this section, we delve into the concept of giftedness and the extraordinary journey of twice-exceptional individuals, fostering a philosophy that has been transforming education for over a decade.

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While traditional classroom environments may present challenges for neurodivergent children, homeschooling offers a flexible and adaptable learning space that can be tailored to their specific needs and strengths.

Traditional schooling, effective for only 20-25% of the population, often falls short in addressing the unique needs of neurodivergent individuals.
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In the realm of education, the concept of neurodiversity has gained significant traction, recognizing that each individual's brain processes information in unique ways. This understanding has paved the way for a more inclusive and supportive learning environment, particularly for neurodivergent children who may thrive in homeschooling settings.
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A Decade of Homeschooled Students, Same Learning Spectrum


Our philosophy is rooted in a decade of experience working with homeschooled students who share the same learning spectrum. We recognize that each child's homeschooling journey is as individual as they are. By tailoring our approach to the homeschooling environment, we empower parents and caregivers to create an educational experience that aligns with their child's unique abilities and challenges.

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Homeschooling provides a dynamic environment that allows us to embrace the full spectrum of giftedness and twice exceptionality.


We understand that learning at home allows for a more personalized and flexible approach, catering to the diverse needs of each child. 

Homeschooling: A Haven for Neurodiverse Learners

Homeschooling presents a multitude of benefits for neurodiverse children:


Personalized Learning

Homeschooling allows for individualized instruction, catering to each child's unique learning style and pace. This personalized approach ensures that learners receive the support and guidance they need to excel.


Flexible Schedule

Homeschooling offers the flexibility to adjust schedules and routines to accommodate individual needs. This flexibility is crucial for  children who may experience fluctuations in energy levels, attention spans, or emotional regulation.


Reduced Sensory Overload

Traditional classrooms can be overwhelming for neurodiverse children due to excessive noise, distractions, and rigid schedules. Homeschooling provides a controlled environment that minimizes sensory overload, allowing children to focus and learn effectively.


Nurturing Socialization

Homeschooling doesn't equate to isolation. Children can participate in extracurricular activities, community groups, and social gatherings, fostering meaningful connections with peers.

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Empowering Neurodiverse Learners

Homeschooling provides a nurturing environment where neurodiverse children can thrive and reach their full potential. By embracing their unique learning styles, fostering self-acceptance, and celebrating their individuality, homeschooling empowers neurodiverse learners to become confident, resilient, and successful individuals.

Homeschooling Resources

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Curriculum Corner

Dive into our curated collection of neurodiversity-informed educational materials. From engaging worksheets to interactive games, find resources that make learning both fun and enriching.

Child Psychologist


Connect with experts, share experiences, and gain valuable insights to enhance your homeschooling journey.

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The Story of Malachi

Malachi Rucker was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (a flavor of autism) at the age of 3 and like many kids who struggle with the same thing, he had a hard time consistently finding clothes that did not irritate his senses. As he got older, he was bullied about what he ate and what he wore.  It became even harder to look cool and feel good so he developed his own brand Divergent Clothing Co. to celebrate his difference and the differences of those like him. 

The partial proceeds from the purchase go to support the Autism Awareness network. 

Kids with Capes

"Every Child Deserves To Be The Hero Of Their Own Story."
Mama D

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The term "Neurodiverse" has become a common one among educators and parents alike over the last 10 years. However, throughout my life among "Gifted", "Twice Exceptional", and "ASD" peers, my own children, students, and adults, this describes more people than not! Our traditional school "construct" of learning only resonates with about 20-25% of students - that leaves 75-80% of students who don't fit the mold. To use the term Neurodiverse, in my mind, describes most people, so empowering others to unlock their dreams, passions, and potential is our focus at Aspire Education! We focus on the INDIVIDUAL and how they learn best, along with the family dynamics which also has a large impact on learning. We would be honored to walk alongside you on your lifelong journey of learning!

Leslee Dirnberger


We strengthen and empower families by helping parents reclaim their child’s education.


Embrace neurodiversity in homeschooling - because every child deserves a learning experience

as unique as they are!

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