Who We Are

We empower families to choose their best educational path, allowing them to thrive and find life-long growth. Aspire Consultants are passionate about eliminating the confusion surrounding your educational choices and forming a clear plan that can be adjusted as your family grows.

Our Philosophy

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglas

Aspire believes education begins with a strong moral foundation, the freedom to choose how to support those values, and continued support of those by your family. Students thrive when they're challenged, given responsibility, and encouraged to assume leadership roles. 

Leslee understands the absolute joy of being a parent; and the fear, frustration and confusion that can accompany choosing the right educational path for your child. Leslee and the Aspire team are passionate about coming alongside you as parents to help make sense of the chaos and assist you in making the best decision for your family. 

Whether it's developing a homeschool plan, determining what type of schooling is best, dealing with special circumstances, sports or just choosing the right curriculum, Aspire designs programs unique to your child's gifts and passions, equipping them to take ownership of their future. 

Founder: Leslee Dirnberger

Leslee Dirnberger, ('Mrs. D' or 'Mama D' to her students) has always had a passion for solving problems and serving others. Whether she is in the courtroom, classroom, or boardroom, Leslee thrives on finding a win-win solution. 

In 8th grade, Leslee's dream was to be a mom and teacher. After a successful 'side' career as a litigator, her dreams came true. She had 4 blessings in 4 years and not only homeschooled them all, but also became a teacher and mentor to thousands of students worldwide.


With over 12 years of online and in person experience, Leslee is not only an expert teacher and mentor, but specializes in creating and sustaining online communities. She understands the unique experience of online learning and excels at creating connections and relationships so that education becomes enjoyable.

Leslee chose the College of William & Mary and Washington University School of Law because she knew they would help her develop critical thinking and communication skills that gave her the knowledge base she needed to help others.


Her understanding of school options, legal background, and her easy connections with students has led families to seek out Leslee's expertise and insights regarding their educational path and mentorship for their students.


Leslee is passionate about finding the win-win solution for your family!

224-286-4696  |  hello@aspireeducation.us

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