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We empower families to choose their best educational path, allowing them to thrive and find life-long growth. Although Aspire Education™ specializes in homeschooling, Leslee and Aspire Education™ are passionate about eliminating the confusion surrounding your educational choices and forming a clear plan that can be adjusted as your family grows.

Aspire Education™ was born out of Leslee's passion for people, education, leadership, and critical thinking. After homeschooling her own kids, teaching classes to students around the world for over a decade, and working with families for 8 years, Leslee can help you find the education solution that is right for your family.

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Aspire Education™

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglas

Aspire Education™ believes education begins with a strong moral foundation, the freedom to choose how to support those values, and continued support of those by your family. Students thrive when they're challenged, given responsibility, and encouraged to assume leadership roles. 

Leslee understands the absolute joy of being a parent; and the fear, frustration, and confusion that can accompany choosing the right educational path for your child. Leslee and the Aspire Education™ team are passionate about coming alongside you as parents to help make sense of the chaos and assist you in making the best decision for your family. 

Whether it's developing a homeschool plan, determining what type of schooling is best, dealing with special circumstances, and sports or just choosing the right curriculum, Aspire Education™ designs programs unique to your child's gifts and passions, equipping them to take ownership of their future. 

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Leslee Dirnberger, J.D. (Mama D)


Leslee Dirnberger, ('Mama D' to her families) is the Founder and President of Aspire Education™, which was born out of her passion to empower and equip students and families to develop their gifts so that they can serve others and build a legacy.


Leslee’s often misunderstood early fascination for US Senate hearings, arguing with US Senators, and discussing Federal Government policy issues guided her entry into law, and equipped her for life as a mom of 4 teenagers, now young adults.


Leslee developed her love of green tea during her long hours of study at the College of William & Mary and Washington University School of Law. That love intensified, and she added copious amounts of chocolate, as she homeschooled her four children through high school, and taught thousands of other teens worldwide for over 12 years.

Her heart to empower parents and students in leadership development, critical thinking, and life skills has been the bridge leading her from the practice of law into the world of education and leadership coaching.

Leslee’s understanding of school options, her legal background, and her easy connections with students has led thousands of families to seek out her expertise and insights regarding their educational path and mentorship for their students.

A Message From Our Founder

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Hi! I'm Leslee and I have felt all of the feelings you probably have right now: scared, nervous, confused, frustrated, trapped, sad, and even angry.

I want to assure you, they are all normal, and there IS a solution!

Our family’s education journey has been filled with highs and lows, lots of trial and error, and tremendous insights. The ‘success’ that we have had homeschooling is often measured by our kids' wonderful academic and career achievements, but just as important, is the success of having young adults of good character and the strong family ties that

we have with one another.


I would be honored to speak with you to see what Aspire Education™ services would help you and your family thrive and ensure that your children are the hero of their own story!

Warmly, Leslee/Mama D

Leslee Dirnberger
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