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Family Christmas “Feels” All Year Long

My favorite “reason for the season,” besides everyone being more tolerant of me talking about God and Jesus, is the time spent with family. Everyone makes a more concerted effort to be with their families at this time of year. The thing is, when you homeschool, you always get to be with your family.

When my awesome media person asked for a lighter Blog for this week, my first thought was how wonderful it has been just to do the “everyday things” with my kids and my husband lately. For so many years as we homeschooled, we have truly lived life as a family, and the simplicity of cooking meals together as we share our day, or just sitting around reading and sharing funny or interesting information spontaneously, feeds my soul.

Now that our oldest is married, just this Fall, and our daughter has been on her own for the last year and a half, I treasure those everyday moments. What a Blessing it was to make dinner and “mocktails” with my daughter at her apartment, decorated so beautifully for Christmas, while we laughed, shared, and watched holiday movies together. Her desire to spend an extended time with us at home over Christmas warms my heart because we can have more everyday moments like playing Clue, being silly, or planning meals.

I also reinstated a Christmas tradition – the Christmas puzzle (or 2!). I had forgotten how nice it is to sit around the room, whether you are “puzzling” or reading, and share in a simple task, or just be together.

Holiday traditions are special and we all look forward to them, but I want to encourage you to consider the everyday moments that add up to so much more. Living life together for more than just a few hours a day during the week (when the focus is homework, activities, and dinner) and weekends (when you aren’t running around) will deepen your relationships and create lasting memories. The best way to make that happen is to homeschool.

I am so thankful that I listened to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to homeschool our children, as terrifying as that decision was to make, because we have been blessed with so many everyday moments, along with our special Christmas and adventure memories that has made us stronger as a family.

We are meant to connect with one another, families and communities, building a foundation for our kids with our values and principles, strengthening their confidence, and helping them use their gifts to serve others. My prayer is that we all get many everyday moments to treasure during this busy Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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