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How to Help Your Child Dream, Thrive, & Succeed in any Education Model

Hosted by Leslee Dirnberger and featuring John Maxwell

Are you worried that your child won't be able to cope out in the 'Real World'?
Is your child or your family struggling with the massive shifts in the new education model?
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Designed to help you and your child lead and thrive in the new education landscape.


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Learn how you, as a parent, can develop yourself as a leader to lead and strengthen your child and your family.
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Critical Thinking

Discover core strategies that will help your child learn how to make intentional and wise choices, stay engaged, and become more deeply connected with their life!
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Essential Skills

Empower yourself and your child with tools for effective communication, learning strategies, and coping skills!

Our TOP experts in the fields of education, leadership, and parenting will empower you with more than 15 hours of LIFE-CHANGING mentorship, tools, and training!

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This Life-Changing Series is ONLY


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We believe so strongly that this Series will change your life that we have even MORE for you..

Storage containers for art and craft
An exclusive Series Workbook that is FULL of ideas to help you and your family gather the impacting wisdom from all the experts and then help you go deeper with key questions to consider and discuss.
Exclusive Content
Our world-renowned experts give you Exclusive BONUS content and memberships for joining the series.
Some of the generous offers include:
  • 1 year website subscription;
  • lesson content;
  • valuable checklists;
  • an exclusive podcast, and MORE.
Kids Running
15 Strategies to Build Resilience and a Strong Work Ethic
Exclusive content to empower and equip you to be the parent that leads your child to success!
Learn specific strategies that will build a strong work ethic and resilience in your kids- and you!

Don't miss your chance to transform your family with life changing leadership & life skills training.
You will build a legacy that will
span generations!

Raising Future Leaders Series

Special Price - $167!


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