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Monthly Mentoring Membership

Homeschool 1:1 Mentoring & Group Coaching

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Unlock Your Family's Potential with Aspire Education™'s
Monthly Mentoring Membership Program

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Are You...

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Homeschool 1:1
Mentoring & Group Coaching



Are you Exhausted from scrolling through Social Media and you're not even sure if the advice will suit YOUR child?


Are you unsure where to obtain Expert Advice and Materials
that you can trust?


Are You Looking to Connect with Other Parents as a Community you can TRUST?

Hear directly from EXPERTS

Absorb new SKILLSETS

Help your family to THRIVE

No more wasted TIME

Information you can TRUST

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One Hour of 1:1 Mentoring with Leslee - ALL Year Long

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Monthly Group Coaching Zoom - Discuss Topics Such as Goal Setting, Curriculum Selection, Organization, and High School

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Access All Recordings As Long As You Remain a Member

Welcome to Aspire Education™ Monthly Mentoring Membership program, where the journey to creating an exceptional education experience and strengthening your family begins!

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Your Guide to Empowering Families

Meet Leslee, a passionate advocate for parents, a former litigator, and a homeschool mom of four. With her extensive experience as a mentor, teacher, and consultant, Leslee is dedicated to empowering parents like you.

"I am so excited, not only to share my expertise and empower parents, but also to build a supportive community!


This program will be a place where we can all Grow in our Leadership, Dream Big Dreams, and keep sight of Who We Are as we serve our families.


I hope you will join me!"


Leslee Dirnberger 

Why Choose Aspire Education™'s Monthly Mentoring Membership?

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Revolutionary Learning Experience

Private Mentoring with Leslee

Joining our program means becoming part of a revolutionary experience alongside fellow parents. Leslee's mentoring goes beyond traditional approaches. It combines private mentoring sessions, a supportive community, and access to a network of experts. This holistic approach ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance tailored to your family's unique needs.

Get your burning questions answered and receive personalized guidance through private mentoring sessions with Leslee. This one-on-one component allows for a focused exploration of your family's goals and challenges, ensuring that you receive the attention and support you deserve.

Community Building

Our program is more than just group coaching. Leslee is committed to building a community of like-minded families. Through shared experiences, mutual support, and celebrating victories, you'll forge connections that go beyond the digital realm. Strengthen your network and share your journey with families who understand and uplift each other.

Best of Both Worlds

Aspire Education™'s Monthly Mentoring Membership Program offers the best of both worlds—individualized guidance from Leslee and the camaraderie of a supportive community. This unique combination ensures a holistic approach to your family's educational and personal development goals.

Take the First Step – Register Now!

Click the button below to register! Spots are limited due to the exclusive 1:1 component and the growing demand from Leslee's Premium clients. Don't miss out on this transformative journey for your family.

Empower Your Family, Transform Your Education Experience

Leslee has connected with moms and dads across the nation, and her heart for families is evident in her commitment to empowering them. Beyond her role as a litigator and homeschool mom, Leslee's journey as a mentor and consultant to hundreds of students and parents has equipped her with invaluable insights.

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Sharyn Procaccio, JD

With two full-time working parents...we had every reason to doubt our ability to do this. We were the least likely family to ever consider homeschooling, but we have loved it more than we could have ever imagined, and that's largely because of Leslee. 
a family of four

Lisa Faraci

Leslee was amazing when we were processing education options as an alternative to traditional schooling. She took away the stress and uncertainty that revolves around transitioning to homeschool. She walked us through all the different options so it wasn’t so overwhelming. It’s been two years now and the homeschool community has changed our life in so many positive ways thanks to Leslee’s guidance.

Steven Calderwood

Every once in a while, you meet someone who makes a profound impact on your life. In this case, it has been a profound impact on our family. There are three critical ingredients to carving out a new path for our family.

1) The art of the possible - Leslee has a tremendous ability to open your eyes to a world that looks a bit different than you might be used to. 

2) A roadmap - She is great at articulating the components and building blocks necessary to achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

3) Support - Above and beyond any expectation, she truly cares about your success and it shows through every interaction. It is hard to overstate the respect I have for Leslee. She opened the door for our family to take a different path over the past few years, and has earned my highest respect professionally and personally for her contribution to my family. I implore you to give Leslee the opportunity to show you the value she brings. I assure you that you won't be disappointed.

What Sets
Us Apart?

This program is not just about education; it's about building a community and empowering families. Leslee's approach goes beyond traditional mentoring, creating a space where families support and uplift each other. The demand from her Premium clients is growing, so act now to secure your spot!

Join Aspire Education™'s Monthly Mentoring Membership –
You Will Not Be Disappointed!

Transform your family's educational experience and strengthen your bonds. Leslee and her community of families are ready to support you on this incredible journey. Join Aspire Education™'s Monthly Mentoring Membership program today and unlock the full potential of your family!

A Revolutionary Experience Awaits You

Be part of a revolutionary experience with fellow parents and join Leslee's Monthly Mentoring Membership program. This unique opportunity allows you to learn from Leslee, tap into her network of experts, and connect with other like-minded families. Together, you will surpass your family's goals and create a supportive community.

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Best Value

Monthly Mentoring Membership



Every month

Perfect for homeschoolers who want expert advice, support, encouragement, and community.

Valid for 12 months


We're So Confident You'll Love Our Membership Program, We Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Join the Community Today and start your journey to a more successful and enjoyable homeschooling experience!


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