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Homeschooling- Getting Started the RIGHT Way!
Webinar: A, 2023, 6:30 pm CDT

And If You Cannot Make It- Sign Up and We Will Provide You With a Recording For A Limited Time!


Are you tired of your kids sitting around and staring at screens?
Do you want your student to feel
empowered and inspired to work hard, not realizing they are working hard?
Are you worried that your child won't be able to cope out in the 'Real World'?


Sleepless Nights


Unclean Rooms


Cups of Coffee
Imagine your child accepting a mistake as a learning experience, and excited to try again!
Imagine your child taking initiative, reaching for their dreams, and directing their own education...
This Webinar will empower and equip you to be confident in your decisions, and provide you with the courage to reevaluate those decisions when necessary.
After homeschooling 4 kids through high school, I understand the daily struggle and uncertainty that we feel when trying to educate our children.
I am here to help you and your family THRIVE!
In this Webinar you will learn:​
  • The Law​
  • Why your family's Core Values matter
  • Educational Philosophies
  • How to choose the RIGHT Curriculum
  • Organization
  • Scheduling
  • AND there will be a Q & A to answer YOUR specific needs!
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