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Quarterly Education Mentoring Package

A New Direction To Success

Aspire knows that helping your teen stay focused on their academics and extracurricular activities can be
frustrating and time consuming. 

Mama D and the Aspire Team will mentor and empower your teen so they can regain their love of learning!


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Weekly Group Sessions with your teen and/or P for Leadership, Critical Thinking, and Life Skills Training

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Weekly 1:1 Mentorship and Training in Organization, Time Management, and Goal Setting 

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Partner with Leslee to plan and develop unique classes or businesses for your passions and strengths

What Our Clients Are Saying...


I have certainly been blessed beyond my wildest imagination with [my] accomplishments, but I would not be in my current position if I had not also been blessed with Leslee's teaching and mentoring throughout high school and my early college years. She has instilled key skills in my life such as critical thinking, ethical decision making, logical reasoning, historical appreciation, and a respect for individuals with unique backgrounds worthy of

understanding and care.    

Because of the significant personal empowerment I have seen as an individual, as a man, and as a leader, testifying to Leslee's mentorship and guidance, I recommend [her] with the highest confidence...


Setting students up for success

Just a few examples of the amazing places our students have ended up: 

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