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Co-op In A Box®

Empower Your Family, Reclaim Their Education, and Build Your Unique Co-op Community.
Discover the revolutionary "Co-op In A Box®" by Leslee Dirnberger, designed to transform how your family learns, grows, and connects within a supportive co-op environment.
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Here's a glimpse into what has in store for you:

The Co-op Blueprint: Leslee Dirnberger, a seasoned homeschooling veteran, unveils her proven framework for creating a thriving co-op experience for your family and community.​

From Inspiration to Implementation: Learn step-by-step how to transform your co-op vision into a reality, including curriculum selection, scheduling, and teacher coordination.

Building Your Dream Co-op Community: Discover powerful strategies for attracting like-minded families, fostering collaboration, and building a supportive network.

The Art of Co-op Facilitation: Gain valuable insights on creating engaging learning experiences, managing group dynamics, and ensuring a positive co-op environment for all.

Sustainable Co-op Success: Explore effective methods for resolving challenges, maintaining momentum, and ensuring your co-op flourishes for years to come.

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