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The TOOLS you need to  SUCCESSFULLY homeschool

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we take you from chaos to CALM

Are YOU...

Feeling like school is trying to replace YOU as the authority in your child's life

Tired of schools teaching your child everything BUT reading, writing, and arithmetic?

Frustrated that school no longer empowers your child to strive for excellence?

Looking for a change in your child's education because traditional school just isn't cutting it?

Let us EMPOWER you to THRIVE!

We help eliminate the overwhelm of choices so you can homeschool with confidence & joy! 

Our team of Aspire Education professionals provide you with the best, individualized resources to match your unique child and family's needs.

Get Started Today!

Step 1

Choose the option below that best describes your need. 

Step 2

Browse our services! From self-paced learning to 1:1 consulting, Aspire Education has it all. Not sure which option is best for you? You can always schedule a free call.

Step 3

Let's do this! Aspire Education is here to help implement the best plan for you and your family. And don't forget to check out who we are to have a better understanding of why we do what we do!

Homeschool and Education Expertise
You Can Trust!

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Time spent with Leslee is time well spent!


She is a master in her space and quickly meets you where you are at.


She offers practical, actionable advice that can be immediately put to use.


Leslee is a truly amazing individual that has completely changed my life.


She has an amazing ability to listen to concerns and give recommendations that fit not just within your child's needs, but also your family as a whole.


She brings a wealth of experience that combined with her sweet, caring personality brings comfort and confidence.


Leslee has given me the confidence to pursue my dream of homeschooling my children and I am incredibly thankful for all that she has contributed to my family, past and present.


Leslee was amazing when we were processing education options as an alternative to traditional schooling.


She took away the stress and uncertainty that revolves around transitioning to homeschool.


She walked us through all the different options so it wasn’t so overwhelming.


It’s been two years now and the homeschool community has changed our life in so many positive ways thanks to Leslee’s guidance.


Thank you for connecting with us!

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