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Incredible Bonus Offer for the First 45 Families!

We've chosen to partner with The John C. Maxwell Company to bring you a HUGELY DISCOUNTED Leadership course from the #1 Leadership Expert in the World!

You can choose from more than 20 outstanding individual Leadership courses that will elevate your parenting and transform your family!


A $699 value for

ONLY $297!

Be INSPIRED, EMPOWERED, and CHANGED by the #1 Leadership Expert in the World!

Dr. John C. Maxwell has written over 100 books, inspired millions of leaders all over the world, and created leadership curriculum used in schools for entire countries! Let his teaching and mentorship TRANSFORM your family!


Books Sold


Entire Countries' Leadership Curriculum


Families Served

You will learn how to “live out” these foundational principles:

LEAD – Lead ourselves and our families to fulfill our purpose.

GROW – Grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to become the best version of ourselves.

EXCEL – Chase excellence in all we do.


SERVE – Serve our family and community.


EMPOWER – To live out these principles and then empower others.

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#1 Leadership Expert in the World,     Dr. John C. Maxwell

 John began his journey as a pastor of a small church in Ohio where he learned that leadership started with developing himself and connecting with others. He always dreamed of impacting the world and changing lives one at a time.


He stayed a student of personal growth and development because he believes it has the power to change us individually, connect communities, be a catalyst to corporations, and  transform countries around the world.      


The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation, his second philanthropic organization, facilitates transformation in countries around the world through values and intentional living programs within each country’s streams of influence.

You can leave a legacy by elevating your parenting and transforming your family!


BUT Hurry!! We only have a Limited Number of these courses for this LOW Price 


A $699 value for

ONLY $297!

John Maxwell Leadership Course


Order now for only $297!

Thanks for your order! Look for an email with instructions on ordering your course!

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