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Raising Future Leaders

Speaker Gifts

All of our summit speakers are dedicated to bringing you the resources you and your family need to raise future leaders.  Here you will see all of the free gifts from throughout the Raising Future Leaders Summit.

Connor Boyack:

10 Tips for

Raising Future Entrepreneurs 

Amy Alamar:

Parenting Project Ch. 1

Matt Beaudreau:

Homeschooling Manifesto

Critical Thinking Initiative: Exclusive Podcast


Alicia Schoolman: Resilience Plans 


Dr. Katherine Weber: The G.R.E.E.N. Mission & STEM Learning from Home 


Katie Kimball: Knife Skills Lessons

Diana Graber: Free Cyber Civics Lessons


Rob Bell: Sport Parents Checklist  


Amy Carney: Life Skills Before the Launch 

Terence Houlihan:  Free Resources 


Jessica Parnell: Free Year of Elephango


Tracey Russel: Save My Marriage Story 7 Day Devotional 

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