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Educational Consulting

Here to simplify the chaos


We know that navigating your child's education can be stressful. With so many options, and so many regulations to each, we're here to help simplify things, and allow you to navigate the chaos. 

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Choosing the Right Schooling option

Public, Private, Homeschool, Hybrid. With so many options, how can you determine what's best for your child's needs, AND make sure you're keeping up with regulations?


Our 1:1 consultations and evaluations will help give you peace of mind in making the right choice

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NCAA Guidelines

Considering homeschooling, but want to ensure your student athlete is still eligible for the opportunities they deserve?


We specialize in making sure that homeschool athletes get the visibility and opportunity they've earned. 

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And More!

Looking for more tips and tricks to keep up in the ever-changing educational world? We get it, and we're here to help. 

We offer online workshops, 1:1 consultations, speaking engagements, and more. Visit our product page or contact us for more info! 

Our Philosophy

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." - Frederick Douglas

Aspire believes education begins with a strong moral foundation, the freedom to choose how to support those values, and continued support of those by your family. Students thrive when they're challenged, given responsibility, and encouraged to assume leadership roles. 

Leslee understands the absolute joy of being a parent; and the fear, frustration and confusion that can accompany choosing the right educational path for your child. Leslee and the Aspire team are passionate about coming alongside you as parents to help make sense of the chaos and assist you in making the best decision for your family. 

Whether it's developing a homeschool plan, determining what type of schooling is best, dealing with special circumstances, sports or just choosing the right curriculum, Aspire designs programs unique to your child's gifts and passions, equipping them to take ownership of their future. 






National Merit Nominees

Scholarship Money Earned

Mothers Empowered

Curriculums Reviewed


Jennifer Simon

In a world where disagreement seems to mean dislike, Leslee establishes relationships based on mutual respect and compassion, and students can’t help but be drawn into what she is presenting, regardless of how much they appreciate the topic.  Information is plentiful in our age, but someone who inspires another to learn and rise to their best potential is rare.  Leslee Dirnberger is that person, and I can’t wait for my other sons to have the opportunity to be inspired by her!

Nelson Kirsten

Kirsten Nelson, M.D. 

She is engaging and very interactive and her lively yet easy personality really draws the students out. Inclusiveness and appreciating diversity are second nature, valuing the experiences and ideas of every student. She encourages students to think deeply and challenge assumptions. Leslee has an amazing ability to bring students to a deeper understanding whether of history, political science, course material, their world, or their own thinking.

Kelli Morgan, M.D.

Kelli Morgan, MD

I had the pleasure of observing the result of coaching for my oldest daughter with "Mama D" before she left for college. Each session was creatively planned to deepen discussion and probe more deeply into her ideas, beliefs, and life calling. Over the course of these sessions, I watched my daughter transform into a more mature, determined, and focused leader. On a personal level, she learned how to better handle disappointments and resolve conflict with others.


Mama D became a beloved mentor to my daughter and a dear friend to our family. This was, without a doubt, one of the most important investments we have made as parents to prepare our daughter for life on her own.

What they're saying

Quick stories from some of the parents we've helped

Setting students up for success

Just a few examples of the amazing places our students have ended up: 




Interested in talking more about student coaching or having us come speak at an event? 


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