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Empower Premier Program

An Elite Mentorship Program And Fully Customized Education Plan That Unleashes Your Family's Full Potential

Let Aspire Help You Transform Your Family

We understand that finding the right educational path for your child can be a daunting task.  Let us assist you by providing a clear step by step educational plan, while mentoring and guiding you, so that your family will grow and thrive!

Let us help you be the parent that leads their child to unparalleled success!

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Assessments and Personalized Interviews to Provide the Best Plan for Your Family

Fully Customized Education Plan that includes Learning Profiles and Educational Profiles

Unrestricted Access to Mama D during Program Development

What our clients are saying


“Seven years ago I began leadership courses with Leslee and since then she has continued to be my mentor.  My life would not be the same without her...she has honestly changed my life.  She has taught me that good leadership starts with the people in front of me.  I got to learn the value of being myself, while I may not be the loudest member of a team my ideas still have a purpose.  If you have the opportunity to be taught by Leslee,

take it, you will not regret it.”

- Elizabeth Carroll


In a world where disagreement seems to mean dislike, Leslee establishes relationships based on mutual respect and compassion, and students can’t help but be drawn into what she is presenting, regardless of how much they appreciate the topic.  Information is plentiful in our age, but someone who inspires another to learn and rise to their best potential is rare.  Leslee Dirnberger is that person, and I can’t wait for my other sons to have the opportunity to be inspired by her!

Nelson Kirsten

She is engaging and very interactive and her lively yet easy personality really draws the students out. Inclusiveness and appreciating diversity are second nature, valuing the experiences and ideas of every student. She encourages students to think deeply and challenge assumptions. Leslee has an amazing ability to bring students to a deeper understanding whether of history, political science, course material, their world, or their own thinking.

- Jennifer Simon

- Kirsten Nelson, M.D. 

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