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Discovery Year Bootcamp 2.0: July 27th - July 30th

Each Morning @ 10 am CDT

Ready to take Charge of your family's education?

We understand so many parents feel powerless and alone, and don't know where to start. We have a plan!

Due to the overwhelming responses, we are excited to offer the Discovery Year Bootcamp 2.0!

Hosted by Leslee Dirnberger, JD


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Experience focused content that will help you to make an education plan that is tailor-made for your family. Learn about education philosophies, homeschooling best practices and policies, and how to organize your home, school, and work! 

Even More Information

Bootcamp will consist of interactive video sessions to help you build an education framework that will work best for your family, as well as guidance on how best to implement this strategy cohesively in your home. You will gain information and skills that will transform your home and rekindle your child's love of learning!

About Your Host

Leslee is a 15 year veteran homeshool mom of 4 who has over 12 years of online learning experience, is a former litigator, and experienced education consultant. She is an expert mentor and teacher, and excels at creating communities that make education dynamic and fun!

Special Offers!

By participating in this Discovery Year Bootcamp, you gain access to a growing community of like minded parents, special discounts, and specialized training.

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