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Should We Homeschool?

Leslee and Her Husband, Tim, Answer
YOUR Questions!

October 1, 2021 @ 7 pm CDT

You can submit your questions and we will get to as many as we can!

If you cannot make it, you will have access to a recording for a limited time.

Leslee and her husband understand how you are feeling...

Not Prepared
Wanting Information
Frustrated with schools

They felt the same way when they decided to pull their 4 children from public school to homeschool - 18 years ago.

Leslee and Tim asked themselves - what are the most important aspects of a
‘good education’?

They decided they wanted to:

1. Foster a lifelong love of learning 
2. Reinforce character traits that aligned with their Christian faith
3. Ensure that their kids knew how to think critically about the information they
were receiving
4. Develop Leadership Traits

Homeschooling provided the opportunity for ALL of these - and SO much more!

Homeschooling their 4 children was one of the Best Decisions Leslee and Tim have ever made for their family.

They want to help answer your questions so you can make an informed decision for
YOUR Family.


Sleepless Nights


Unclean Rooms


Cups of Coffee
Imagine your child accepting a mistake as a learning experience, and excited to try again!

Imagine your child taking initiative, reaching for their dreams, and directing their own education...
This Webinar will empower and equip you to be confident in your decisions, and provide you with the courage to reevaluate those decisions when necessary.

After homeschooling 4 kids through high school, Leslee and Tim understand the daily struggle and uncertainty that you feel when trying to educate our children.

They want to help you and your
Family THRIVE!
Common Concerns/Questions:​
  • What rules/laws surround homeschooling?
  • How will my kids be prepared for college?
  • How will my kids get socialization?
  • Don't colleges look down on homeschoolers?
  • Can I homeschool ALL my kids at the same time?
  • Is homeschooling even possible since we both work?
What are YOUR questions?
Submit your top 3 questions when you register below.
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