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"School in Our National Parks

(and Some Secret Spots)"

Leslee Dirnberger, J.D.
Get Your Copy Today!

Want your child to love learning again?

Looking for ways to occupy your kids?

Do you want to strengthen your family bond?

We've got you covered!

Leslee's new eBook will keep your kids
ENGAGED, GROW your mind and body, and
STRENGTHEN your relationships!


U.S. Parks


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Imagine keeping your kids busy and having different ways to entertain them...

Imagine you and your family traveling, learning, and having fun together...

Imagine the new skills you and your family can develop along the way...

Leslee understands the importance of ADVENTURES to STRENGTHEN family and to love LEARNING again!

Having homeschooled her kids for over 18 years, Leslee took full advantage of the freedom to EXPLORE with her family. They continue to travel, learn, and enjoy God's creation!

Leslee is excited to share with you her experiences, as well as the  the hundreds of links to resources and information that she has put together for her clients over the last couple of years.

She understands how important it is for busy Moms on the go to have information at their fingertips! The whole family can learn, explore, and have fun wherever your travels take you!

"School in the National Parks (and Some Secret Spots)" is a GREAT ADDITION for your next family adventure to help
you and your family THRIVE!
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Let Leslee's eBook guide you on your next family ADVENTURE! Her eBook has links to:
  • Activities: coloring pages, games, rafting, and MORE!
  • Information: trails for hiking, park history and culture, and MORE!
  • Resources: podcasts, books, maps, and MORE!
EXPLORE scenic sights that range from Acadia National Park in Maine (East) to Olympic National Park in Washington (West).
PLUS: Leslee's Tips for exploring, food (aka Tantrum Prevention), and car activities are included to make your next adventure a trip to remember! 
Using "School in Our National Parks (and Some Secret Spots)" on your next adventure, your kids will learn math, history, science, writing, and so much more...
Leslee provides practical tips and tools to help you build your child's education and even create classes for your high schoolers.
You can turn your discoveries into "school"! The beauty of LEARNING ADVENTURES is you never know what you will find...
You may see rainbows, herds of bison, or
dads cooking over an open fire! 
START your next adventure with School in Our National Parks (and Some "Secret Spots")
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