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We understand so many parents feel powerless and alone and don't know where to start. 
We have a plan!
Joining this community is your first step to taking charge of your child's education!
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9 Simple Steps to ​a Successful Homeschool Year

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The Discovery Year Community
The Discovery Year Community began with the concept that many families just want a way to 'get through this next year'. Whether it is homeschooling, e-learning, hybrid, or in person, you can do anything for a year!
But, we want you and your child to not just survive, we want you to thrive! Make this a year of discovering gifts and passions, rekindling a love of learning, and reconnecting with one another.
The DYC is a place where you can get focused, reliable information from Leslee Dirnberger, a 15 year homeschool veteran, who has homeschooled 4 children to college, is a former litigator who has taught hundreds of kids worldwide for over 12 years, and who is passionate about leadership and life skills!
You will have access to a 4 day, comprehensive Bootcamp that outlines the same getting started process that Leslee uses with her top clients! 
You also have access to an entire community that is dedicated to helping each other thrive in a time of great confusion and chaos!
Join Us!! We can't wait to meet you!
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Join by answering three simple questions to learn from like-minded professionals and mothers! Additionally, Leslee will be providing tons of exclusive content and value only in the community! 

Even More Information

The Discovery Year Community will be full of resources, as well as videos from our two bootcamps! New and current content and videos will be put in the community exclusively throughout the year You will gain information and skills that will transform your home and rekindle your child's love of learning!

About Leslee

Leslee is a 15 year veteran homeshool mom of 4 who has over 12 years of online learning experience, is a former litigator, and experienced education consultant. She is an expert mentor and teacher, and excels at creating communities that make education dynamic and fun!

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By participating in this Discovery Year community, you gain access to a growing community of like-minded parents, special discounts, and personalized access to Aspire.

Confused on Homeschooling High School?

Homeschooling High School

Transcripts & HS Years Layout

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