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"School in Our National Parks and Some Secret Spots" eBook

  • Planned Launch Date: July 29th
  • Stay tuned for updates and make sure to get our Newsletter, so you can take advantage of our initial surprise offer!
Are you looking to keep your kids busy?

Do you need ways to occupy your kids?

Are you wanting to strengthen your family bond?

We got you covered! Leslee's new national park eBook will not only keep your kids engaged but will grow your mind, body, and relationship!


U.S. National Parks


U.S. States


Park Tips from Leslee
Imagine your kids engaged and you having ways to keep them occupied!

Imagine you and your family traveling, learning, and having fun together!

Imagine the new skills you and your family can develop along the way!
Leslee's new national park eBook is ALMOST HERE! This new eBook offers you links to resources and information to U.S. National Parks and other scenic sights for you to explore, learn about, and enjoy as a family!

Having traveled with her own family to some of these parks, Leslee understands the importance of traveling to STRENGTHEN family and to EDUCATE kids.

Leslee's NEW eBook is here to help you and your family THRIVE!
Let Leslee's eBook guide you on your next family ADVENTURE! Her eBook has links to:
  • Activities: coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and MORE!
  • Information: podcasts, park history and culture, and MORE!
  • Resources: books, maps, and MORE!
PLUS this eBook includes park tips from Leslee from her family adventures to various parks!
So start your next adventure with Leslee's new eBook :)

"School in Our National Parks" eBook

Leslee is looking forward to joining you on your next adventure! Be sure to check your email for the receipt!

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